Support key workers by saying thank you.

Thank our keyworkers

We would like all our customers, readers, to follow the group on facebook that has been setup to thank all keyworkers, in the UK.

Click this link Thank our keyworkers and like the group. Leave a message for all keyworkers that are on the frontline.

“This group is a chance for people in the UK (and abroad) to show love and support to all our keyworkers.

Doctor’s and nurses keep us alive, whilst butchers, greengrocers and supermarkets keep us fed, bin men clear our rubbish, electric and gas still runs, TV is still on, many companies work from home taking your frustrated calls, police keep order whilst firefighters keep us safe, delivery drivers getting packages to us and many more.

This is a place to leave messages of gratitude and support to our keyworkers. We welcome your children’s pictures, your video messages and any other creative way you can say thank you to all those doing everything to keep us alive. Please share our group to ensure as many people can see and share their messages.


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