Upvc Cladding vs Hardieplank Hertfordshire London

What’s best upvc or cement fiber board? 

This is a question asked a lot by our customers a lot but what to choose you ask.Upvc cladding come in lots of colours white / black /brown/ grey ,shiplap cladding is the most commonly used cladding it comes in different sizes 100mm to 150 high and five meters long.  It’s easily cleaned and maintained.

Hardeplank comes in more colours white/black/reds/greens/greys/browns/ and meany more it doesn’t fade or need painting.It looks like wood and is fitted in a feather edge style when installed  horizontally when fitting vertical it lapped on top of each other
So what is better?

Well it comes down to personal choice and cost, upvc cladding is cheaper but cement fiber boards look more classy. It comes down to the property and what would suit you home and the area.

The good thing to do is to talk with our experts and see the product samples so we can do you free quote.

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