Fascias and soffits

What are fascias and soffits?

The fascia board is the front piece of timber on your home that supports the last row of tiles on your roof also it has the guttering attached to the fascia board. Fascia boards can come in many colours, i.e. Black or white and they are made of different materials which could can be wood or upvc.

Soffits are the piece of wood when you look up under your fascia  and also when you look up from the  bottom of your house you generally see your soffit, the soffit is there to keep birds and other animals out from getting into your roof space it can also be decrotive and add character to your home.

Both fascias and soffits need to be maintained by allowing these to go rotten or in to poor decay, rot could travel up your roof and you could end up with costly roof repairs.

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